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For your private events, please contact Chef Carrie Wong at 503 581 6099 or email:

The Winners of the Gourmet Five Course Dinner with Chef-selected Wines
sent in the following "review" of the evening!


Dear Carrie,

Carole and I wish to thank you for the lovely dinner for four which you and Ron hosted at your home.

The evening was about more than food;  it was, as you say, about the "art of dining".  Thanks to Ron, the service was wonderful.  The conversation was stimulating.  And your home was warm on a cold winter night.  But back to the food...

The Escargot en Croute with Lardons were an original blend of tastes.  Thank you for indulging my love of snails.  But I tried not to over indulge, because next was the Course Poisson:  Lobster Hash with Seared Diver Scallop with Lemon Beurre Blanc on Handmade Fettuccini.  Wow!  The delicately seared scallop was the best I ever had, and the fettuccini was melt-in-your-mouth.  This dish was perfectly paired with a Chardonnay that hadn't touched an oak barrel.

We could have gone home happy right then, but next followed soup, sorbet, entree, salad, and dessert.  I loved them all, but here are my personal highlights.

Asparagus Bisque with Crostini:  Very smooth, to which you added a spicy bite by blending in black pepper.

Petit Osso Bucco with Herbed Demi Glace Mascarpone Cream Potato, Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta and Shallots:  Thank you for indulging my request for Osso Bucco.  Tender, tasty, and paired well with the Bunnell Apic.  The sign of a great chef is one who can make brussel sprouts taste so good!

Single Origin Chocolate Torte with Blood Orange Sauce and Roasted Almond Florentine:  An edible modern art sculpture.  I loved the chocolate/blood orange combination.  Nice pairing with a privately made port.

Carrie, this was, across the board, the best food/wine pairing meal I have ever had.  Thanks again to you and Ron for a most pleasurable evening.

With kindest regards,



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